AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection

All new screeners in the aviation and maritime sectors must hold this qualification (Course code AVI20118) from 16th January 2022.

For existing screeners, your skills and experience will be recognised.

Existing screeners do not need to complete this course if you:

were employed or engaged as a screener at any time in the 12 months before 16 June 2021, and

have not ceased engagement or employment as a screening officer for more than 24 months.

This qualification provides individuals with general and specialist skills to operate effectively in a broad range of transport security screening roles.

This qualification includes the units of competency required by Transport Security Screening Officers to perform transport security screening functions including, controlling access to security sensitive areas, undertaking physical searches, and identifying and handling weapons, explosives and prohibited items. A Transport Security Screening Officer must also apply effective communication skills to work in a broad range of transport security protection roles.

Transport Security screening personnel working at this level will apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy and limited judgement in structured and stable contexts within narrow parameters.

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