Behavioural Detection Training


This entry-level course in the basics of good behavioural detection creates an organisation-wide culture of involvement in risk reduction and keeping public spaces protected by spotting a threat before it becomes one. This need is relevant to any crowded place that needs to reduce its threat risk – retail businesses, entertainment and sports venues, airports, ports, rail stations – just by involving employees in the team effort to keep themselves and their organisation safe.

The set of simple procedures in this course gives trainees the confidence to assess the baseline of average behaviours and spot those behaviours which are out of the ordinary, and then gives a straightforward instruction in how to conduct an initial ‘Resolution’ conversation to work out why the person might be exhibiting stress behaviours. It’s not about increasing suspicion – it’s about increasing awareness. Engaging in good behavioural detection practices across an organisation is a vital part of keeping that organisation strong. It’s a win-win – in most cases you will provide improved customer service to innocent but stressed people, but in those vital few cases you may identify a possible threat from a person whose behaviours and story just don’t add up.

And the reason each trainee can play such a vital part is that even with all the technical and AI support available nowadays – CCTV cameras, facial recognition – nothing is more effective at recognising human behaviour…than a human

Time and Date: Whole Year Event.


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